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Titanium Jewelry Care and Cleaning Tips

June 13, 2020     Industrial News, News

Titanium rings generally don’t require a lot of cleaning or maintenance because they are tarnish-proof and extremely corrosion resistant, but even the most durable metals known to man still require some care from time to time. That said, the most common issue affecting the look of titanium rings is usually the patina of dirt that sticks to the metal during daily wear.

While titanium jewelry may not require the special cleaning agents and polishing cloths that are used with other metals, they are not self-cleaning. In the event that your ring starts to look dull or loses its shine, the simplest thing to do is use a household cleaning product. Unlike precious metals, there is really no restriction on the type of cleaning product, but most people prefer to use dish soap or a household window cleaner. The exterior façade of titanium rings will not be affected by household chemicals. In fact this metal is so corrosion resistant it can only be impacted by the most concentrated acids.Depending on the type of titanium ring you own, it may be somewhat impacted by scratches from daily wear.

Polished titanium rings are more susceptible to scratches and may look better when polished by a jeweler. A jeweler will have the tools to smooth out scratches that are more severe, but you can do a lot with titanium rings on your own. You can also try a creamy metal polish if the scratches are less noticeable. Rubbing a fine nylon pad on the surface of soft-brushed titanium will remove scuff marks and make the ring look shiny and new.Keep in mind that if your titanium ring has been anodized in a different color, or if it is paired with another metal or gemstone, it is usually better to soak it in a solution of half Windex and half water. Air-dry the ring on a soft towel and repeat the process as often as necessary.

The only reason for caution with these rings it the other metals or gems that might be impacted by stronger chemicals.To protect your titanium ring from scratching, take it off before doing strenuous physical activities like lifting weights or working with tools. As your titanium jewelry ages, a natural satin patina will form over the surface to protect the metal so it’s not necessary to remove every single scratch, especially when the ring is new. Eventually minor scratches will be incorporated into its seasoned finish.


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